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Artist Statement:

My philosophy is that photography is a blend of art and science. I strive to incorporate that concept in every image that I capture. The goal of my work is for the viewer of each image to not just "see" the image but, more importantly, experience and feel the "spirit" of the photograph. Although I have significant experience with commercial and real estate photography, my true passion lies with more eclectic subject matter.

As an antique automobile aficionado, I especially enjoy capturing the essence and beauty of the "golden age" of automobiles and trucks. The magnificence of this bygone era is best represented by the elaborate and stylish hood ornaments that are the subject matter of many of my photographs.

Having lived my entire life in the Great American West, I truly enjoy capturing images that bring the West to life. Many of my photographs enable the viewer to feel the essence of the mountains and both the simplicity and the complexity of nature. The viewer will also see how I blend history with scenery in many of my photographs.

Finally, some photographs are simply fun to capture. Photographs that make the viewer smile, laugh or, simply, "reflect". Whether it is a cocktail martini with the "splash" of a lime or a simple droplet of water or a reflective Monarch Butterfly, a simple photograph can speak a thousand words. That basic concept guides all of my work.


I utilize the latest Nikon flagship, the D800. Boasting an industry leading 36.3 MP, and ISO to 12,600. This camera is capable of 'bilboard' size prints! Nikon lenses include: 50mm f1.4, wide angle 14-24 f2.8, 28-300 VRll and 105 f2.8 VR Macro. Flash lighting: SB-900 and two SB-800, all syncronized. And continuous lighting is accomplished with two Arri German studio lights at 750 watts each. Full HD Video 1080p at 24/25/30 fps with full stereo capability.


Eccentric Artist Gallery - Paonia, CO Eccentric Artist Gallery - Paonia, CO Eccentric Artist Gallery - Paonia, CO

» Brent is currently exhibiting many of his more eclectic photographs at The Eccentric Artist Gallery in beautiful Paonia, Colorado. This gallery is owned and operated by Thomas Bachman and Bill Rowe and features the amazing art created by the mind of "The Eccentric Artist" - Tom Bachman. The gallery is located at 217 Grand Avenue in downtown Paonia. If you are visiting the Western Slope of Colorado, please do yourself a favor and drop by the gallery for a will be glad you did!

» John Fielder Gallery / 833 Santa Fe Drive / Denver, CO / July 2012 - April 2014

» Artwork Network Gallery / Denver, CO / October - December 2011

» 910 Events Gallery / Denver CO / January - March 2012

» Art for Life Charity Exhibition & Auction / Denver, CO / 2009, 2010, 2011

» Home O' Hope Cancer Wellness Center Charity Exhibition & Auction / Denver, CO / 2011

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